A Better Way to Commute

The Alternative Transportation Center (ATC) by GreenSpace Buildings benefits employees, the environment, and enhances company image as being progressive and environmentally responsible.

The benefits to having an Alternative Transportation Center near your offices are numerous.  Many organizations have made a commitment to environmental sustainability, but have a hard time finding areas to focus their efforts. Providing a space that allows employees to easily transition from biking or running to being fresh and dressed for work is a bold way to prove commitment to both environmental consciousness as well as to the people occupying your office.

There are many incentives for employers to encourage their employees to find a alternative transportation to and from work.  Healthier, more awake employees means fewer sick days and higher employee retainage.  Several companies, large and small, offer financial incentives to their employees that bike or run to work to encourage this healthy and environmentally friendly habit.

For employees, an Alternative Transportation Center provides a fast, convenient way to transition from exercise equipment and clothing to appropriate business attire before arriving at the office.Even people that cannot bike to work can take advantage of the facility for a lunch-time or after-work jog.

An Alternative Transportation Center by GreenSpace Buildings features showers, bathrooms, changing rooms and lockers for clothing and equipment.  It is an efficient structure that is environmentally friendly.  It is solar powered and made with high-efficiency widows and doors and sends a consistent message about a commitment to environmental sustainability.

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