The Solution for A Higher LEED Score? Green Modular.

     Achieving a LEED rating is all about amassing as many LEED points as possible.  Some LEED points can be expensive, some can be relatively cheap, it’s all about making the most of your dollar.  One way to rake in the LEED points for your building is by going modular. In the LEED rating system for homes, (Page 77, section 1.5) points can be earned just for using modular construction:

     1.5 Off-Site Fabrication (4 Points). Use either of the following alternatives to on-site framing:

            a. Panelized construction. Wall, roof, and floor components are delivered to the job site pre framed.

            b. Modular, prefabricated construction. All principal building sections are delivered to the job as prefabricated modules.

     Modular construction is inherently more green because of efficient use of building materials and less waste.  This is recognized as an advantage of modular construction and is given points toward your LEED accreditation.  If you have any questions about what other ways you can easily get more points for your building, contact us and we can help you with either new construction or even retrofitting an existing building with green materials and technology.

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