The Solution for A Higher LEED Score? Green Modular.

     Achieving a LEED rating is all about amassing as many LEED points as possible.  Some LEED points can be expensive, some can be relatively cheap, it’s all about making the most of your dollar.  One way to rake in the LEED points for your building is by going modular. In the LEED rating system for homes, more

5 Reasons to Choose Green Construction

The reason to use green modular construction goes beyond being a responsible environmental citizen. The many benefits of building green are being realized every day. Below are just five of the many reasons to choose a green building for your next project.

Your occupants will thank you:
The interior of green buildings are naturally healthier than non-green buildings.  Clean, fresh air combined with more


GreenSpace Buildings, is the green building brand of Safety Strategy Inc. in business providing sustainable prefabricated systems and building accessories since 1987. Our goal is to provide the most cost effective, high performing building environment possible. We employ the latest sustainable building technologies available to insure a living or work environment that is healthy, efficient and more

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