A Better Way to Commute

The Alternative Transportation Center (ATC) by GreenSpace Buildings benefits employees, the environment, and enhances company image as being progressive and environmentally responsible.
The benefits to having an Alternative Transportation Center near your offices are numerous.  Many organizations have made a commitment to environmental sustainability, but have a hard time finding areas to focus their efforts. Providing a space that allows employees more

Interesting TED talk on “Window Farming”

For those who live in apartments or in urban areas, this is a great way to live green.

New LEED Office in 7 Days?

Tight schedules and tighter budgets require new ways of thinking about how to construct high quality space quickly and cost effectively. Fast track green office/training space is possible using modular construction techniques like this building system developed by Project Frog. If you need additional space, modular construction provides for an easier and more efficient construction process. If more

GreenSpace Issues Press Release

GreenSpace Offers a Faster, More Efficient, and More Affordable Alternative to Conventional Construction
GreenSpace Buildings looks to provide schools, offices, and homes with efficient green buildings customized to meet their application.

Manchester, MA (PRWEB) July 13, 2011
There’s a revolution going on in the construction world. People want green. As more and more studies come out about the more

Financial Benefits of Green Building

This PDF from the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative outlines benefits of green buildings and financial reasons why green construction is the way of the future.

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