Prefabricated Buildings for Businesses

Modular office: 

Fresh air, natural light, cost efficient. These are the benefits of a green modular building. Our prefab office is designed to be a space where people want to work. Studies have shown that green and sustainable design structures reduce absences due to illness and increase employee retainage.

Our green modular office building can be customized to meet your exact requirements. We work with you to design an environment that includes abundant natural daylight, optimal indoor air quality and superior acoustics. The result is an optimal work environment that is energy efficient and human friendly. Your company can attract and retain the best talent with a work environment that is comfortable, inspires creativity and enhances collaboration.



Green modular construction allows you to build a healthy, efficient building in less than half the time of conventional construction. The entire project is complete in 5-6 months instead of a year or more. This means you can start business faster and put your investment to work more quickly.

Clean and Quiet:

The noise and disruption of construction is always a concern around an office or hospital. Modular construction reduces the amount of trucks, workers and loud equipment being used on the site. The modular building is built in a factory, away from the job site while the ground is being prepared. In just a few short day or weeks, the building is delivered and finished with minimal disturbance on site.


Studies have shown the positive effects on employee mood and patient healing times when in an environment of natural daylight and fresh air. Our green construction techniques allow for views to the outside, which improves mood and fosters a positive attitude. Our smart HVAC systems provide for clean air at the optimal temperature without excessive operating costs.

Our green modular building is delivered fast and built to last. It incorporates the latest state of the art technologies that maximize the efficiency of the modern work environment. They come ready to be completely wired and connected to the technology backbone of your company.

Thermal and moisture protection are optimized by the use of high performance insulation and moisture barriers that block sound, temperature extremes and moisture. The building interior is quiet, comfortable and healthy. Just the right combination that allows you concentrate on your mission, not on your building envelope. Get more done and keep your money working for your business instead of for the utility company.


Health Care:

Today’s patients demand a comfortable environment that promotes the healing process and puts their visitors at ease. Typical uses include Modular MRI building, Modular medical clinic, and Doctors offices, all built with green sustainable modular design. 




Retail Space:

Drive higher sales volume by providing a unique shopping experience. Green modular retail buildings offer an intriguing retail environment that combines natural lighting that is easy on the eyes, customer friendly air quality and design that promotes a comfortable environment that is easy and inexpensive to operate. Our green sustainable design benefits your store by:

Less money to build and operate: Our modular buildings are 25- 30% less expensive to construct than site built buildings. Then, operating costs are lower every month by up to 50%.
Faster to build: Our pre-engineered designs and prefabricated construction mean you have your store up and running in 3-4 months. This saves money in carrying cost of the location and starts you earning money from the location much sooner.
Employee Benefits: Employees who work in green buildings report fewer sick days and greater job satisfaction. Higher employee productivity and lower turn over rates increase the profitability of your establishment.

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