Green Modular Homes


Green Modular Homes are constructed to be comfortable, efficient and beautiful.

Add to that, the benefits of having a healthier living environment.  Natural light and fresh air improve your mood, concentration, and energy level.  They also reduce health concerns such as asthma, allergies, colds and the flu.



What is in a green modular home?

  • Super insulation:
    High performance insulation in walls, roof and windows provide an energy efficient building envelope.  Green modular homes are well insulated so they are comfortable and inexpensive to heat and cool.

  • High efficiency Heat, air conditioning, ventilation:
    Fresh, clean air, properly tempered creates a healthy, productive indoor environment in the most energy efficient way possible. 

  • Efficient lighting:
    Abundant daylight is achieved with ample glass window and skylights.  High efficiency bulbs with control that adjust to occupancy and natural light conditions. 

  • Water conservation
    is achieved with low flow fixtures and rain capture technologies.

  • Green building material selection:
    Use of green building products provides recycled material without the toxic contents that affect your health.

Our timber frame home offer high ceilings and large open spaces.  There is ample glass area to provide an open airy atmosphere with unobstructed views to the outdoors.

The fully assembled green modular homes are economical and over 80% complete when they arrive at your site.  Either way, the focus of green modular homes is to permit quick and clean construction with high quality, less waste with a greener, healthier result.

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