Green Modular School Buildings


GreenSpace  modular school buildings create a dynamic learning environment where your students can enjoy increased focus, moral and achievement.  The advantage of green sustainable design is that this healthy environment has been demonstrated to reduce sick days and increase test scores by as much as 25%.  Here’s how green modular buildings can benefit you:


Faster to Build:

The accelerated construction time of modular buildings is approximately 50% quicker than conventional buildings.  The modular structure is constructed in the factory at the same time the site is being prepared.  Often, the students leave for summer and come back to a beautiful new building in the Fall.  This helps to reduce the disruption and liability of performing construction activities when school is in session.

Cost less:

Green Modular Classrooms meet the challenge of providing a high quality learning environment in these times of tight budgets. The advantages of being constructed in a factory setting where automation, bulk purchasing and consistent working conditions is that they all contribute to the efficiency of the building process.  The result is that they cost 25% -30% less to build than the same building constructed on site.  Operating costs are also substantially reduced by using high performance insulation, continuous vapor barriers, Smart heating and cooling systems and cost saving building automation.  The net result is that your green modular building will cost 50% less to operate, saving money every year.  Enhancements such as solar thermal, geothermal, solar electric and wind power system can be integrated to provide an energy neutral ( net zero) passive building.


Our green modular classrooms offer ample natural daylight and clean, comfortable air provide optimal learning and living conditions.  By using passive solar design, the interior space is naturally illuminated with human friendly light.  Light shelves, sun tunnels and strategic window placement bring daylight deep into the interior of the building.  Artificial lighting is minimized which reduces operating cost and creates a much more pleasing environment.


The heating and cooling systems in our green classrooms are designed to detect not just temperature but CO2 levels so they can bring in just the right amount of fresh air when needed.  Advanced filtration improves air quality by screening out contaminates.  Occupants enjoy better ability to concentrate and an improved mood.  The result is a dynamic learning environment that is fully functional and affordable.


Aesthetically pleasing:Prefab Classroom

Our green modular school buildings are not the old boxy and boring modular classrooms of the past.  Innovative design and advanced construction methods create a structure beautiful to look at and easy to live with.  We believe that students should learn from their surroundings, not just in them.  High quality, environmentally friendly materials are used throughout to create an environment that is pleasing and responsible to the environment.  Advanced window systems are strategically designed to be attractive to look at and inspiring to look out of. Creative rooflines and layouts of these green modular classrooms are designed to be functional and attractive.


Student Housing – Prefabricated Modular Dormitories

Student Housing is easily accomplished with our green modular dorm construction. The factory built elements, combined with on site-construction take advantage of the efficiency and economy of prefabricating modular units but allow for the design flexibility of site- built construction.


These prefabricated modular green dormitories are built in a faction of the time of normal construction. This allows for faster occupancy and less disruption at the site. The result is a high performing, LEED
certified eligible building at a competitive cost.

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