The Process

We capture and condition methane gas from the anaerobic digesters, which is then used as fuel to power generators that produce “green” electricity.

Our fuel treatment process guarantees the generators are burning the cleanest fuel possible. This maximizes availability and generator output while minimizing maintenance costs. Typical availability is 97% for the systems operating today.

“There is no capital outlay required. The facility only pays for the discounted electricity as it’s produced.”

Our Mission

Municipalities are under mandates to produce renewable fuel for
green power programs. The timing of these mandates could not be worse—coming on the heels of the worst financial disaster since the Great Depression. GreenSpace Clean Energy helps to solve this dilemma. With our short installation time, the treatment facility can be compliant well before the deadline—and with no cost to the municipality.

Risk is dramatically reduced with this approach. GreenSpace Clean Energy bears the risk in the choice of equipment, design, installation and operation. If the equipment does not produce electricity, the municipality does not pay. It’s that simple!

  • No cost to the facility
  • No installation, design or operational risk to the facility or the ratepayer
  • Savings on electrical power purchases
  • Heat energy is re-used for heating digesters which adds to savings
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas and other air emissions
  • Meet specifications for federal green energy guidelines

Our Business Model

GreenSpace Clean Energy’s Build-Own Operate model means that we assume all the expense and risk of installing combined heat and power at your facility. GreenSpace Clean Energy pays for all the equipment, design expenses, installation and ongoing operating expenses. The municipality pays only for the electricity produced — when it’s produced.

The Next Steps

Once we execute a non-binding letter of intent with a municipality, our engineers, sales and support team will
evaluate your facility and prepare a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for your review. Once the PPA has been
executed, the design/build phase will commence.

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