High Performance Modular Buildings

GreenSpace high performance prefabricated structures incorporate the newest technologies to
make your living, working and learning spaces healthy, cost efficient and aesthetically pleasing.
Our modular buildings break the mold of traditional prefab construction with our beautiful and
functional designs. Our accelerated construction techniques mean your building is complete
more quickly and ready to move in to.

What makes our modular buildings green?

1) Super Insulation:
High R value insulation is incorporated into all of our designs. We use continuous insulation and vapor barriers that prevent thermal bridging and maintain a tight building envelope. This is critical to reduce heating and cooling cost and keep moisture out of the modular building envelope.

2) Built in a controlled factory environment:
Our modular buildings are constructed indoors so they are not subject to extreme temperatures or moisture. The building components are kept dry during the whole process and there is no chance for them to freeze or be subject to high heat. There is also tighter quality control and regular QC inspections of all aspects of the construction process resulting in a better finished product.

3) Clean and fast, Less disruption from construction:
Modular construction accelerates the process, dramatically reducing the amount of workers, trucks and equipment moving around your site. This cuts down on the noise, dust, erosion, pollution and general disruption of a regular construction site. The project is completed more quickly and cleanly, cutting down the impact on your site (and your neighbors!).

4) Less Waste:
Because materials are delivered in bulk and stored indoors at the modular manufacturing facility, there is less chance of damage from rain, theft or extreme temperatures. The manufacturing process also allows close monitoring of waste and maximizes recycling opportunities.

GreenSpace uses the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) as a guide to
construct our green modular buildings in a way that is recognized to be the state
of the art in green building techniques. We have a LEED accredited professional
(LEED AP) on staff to assure compliance with the governments best practices.

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