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A No-Cost Energy Solution for Wastewater Treatment Facilities

We capture and condition methane gas from the anaerobic digesters, which is then used as fuel to power generators that produce “green” electricity. Our fuel treatment process guarantees the generators are burning the cleanest fuel possible. This maximizes availability and generator output while minimizing maintenance costs. Typical availability is 97% for the systems operating today.

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Wind turbines are ideal for remote sites or high exposure locations.  If your property is located in an area with consistent wind velocity, these wind turbines are a cost effective way to reduce or eliminate your electric bill. Wind power is a fast growing segment of alternative energy.  The electrical power created by by wind turbines can often offset the reduction of other alternative energy systems during stormy weather.  Select from our choice of wind power turbines by clicking on this link.

Solar Energy

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Solar power is an excellent way to reduce or eliminate your electric bill. Our high efficiency solar panels collect energy and send it back to your electric company. This slashes your electric bill and provides a clean and economical power source.

Solar Hot Water

Solar Water Heaters

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Solar hot water systems provide the quickest payback of nearly all on site energy generating technologies. These simple solar hot water systems are easy to install and can meet all of your hot water needs.

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